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Washington, DC

District of Columbia, Washington - is the homeland and center of operations for all USA activites. At DC, there are teams for nearly all departments - which allow any visitors with much activites available to all.

DC is an excellent place to visit if your looking for tourism, having fun, socializing, or causing trouble! Those who are members and citizens of the USA have extended benefits, and those who work in law enforcement have access to weapons and vehicles to help stop crime. 

For those looking for a crime type of lifestyle here at DC, there are gun dealers spread throughout the map. But beware, these are illegal guns and if you are found with one you will be shot!

Crime Statistics at DC

With the introduction of illegal firearms and several gamepasses that provide buyers with an ACR , indeed there has been a sighted raise of crime. As quoted by VPOTUS vikingboy , " ... we find that the additional crime is very interesting. It allows cops to be able to interact with users and brings a new dynamic to gameplay at DC. Although of this somewhat positive aspect, we must take into consideration that crime to not recieve a point in which it becomes too significant ... "

Clearance Levels (White House)

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Washington, DC has gone through a large amount of updates. Indeed, it did start off as a copy of a DC given to us by a DOTI member, but after intensive rennovation, patches and fixes Washington DC has become unique. Here is a photo posted by vikingboy :


Washington DC, before and after.