Flag of the United States

The USA flag (OurStandingFounder)

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United States of America

The USA was founded on January 16, 2014. As of now, the current year USA is at is 2028 C.E, which matches the timeframe many other nations currently have. The USA welcomes anyone, from any nationality to join us. Everyone is treated fairly and equal as regulated by the United States

constitution / bill of rights. The USA is currently held by OurStandingFounder, but has no say in any court rulings, department decisions, etc. The

United States Congress is responsible for making decisions, along with the POTUS and VPOTUS.


The USA is a friendly nation, with many peaceful intents and diplomatic intents. The Department responsible for upholding alliances and diplomatical affairs is the US. Department of State. To ally to the USA, please do not use the USA name, please use the Department of State name. ( [USA] Department of State ). There is also a published document regarding alliances with the USA, that can be found here.

Department of state

U.S Department of State


The current POTUS of the USA is PresidentBoston , along with his VPOTUS vikingboy .

District of Columbia, DC.

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