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An example of a card door at the White House. Notice the "CL2+" marking on the door.

Clearance Levels are cards at the Washington, DC White House to access certain exclusive areas.

Only certain teams recieve clearance cards.


Throughout Washington, DC, you will find that inside the White House there are speical doors that require a card to open the doors. Different teams at DC get different clearance levels on their cards. The marking on a door, such as "CL2+ " states that you need a Clearance of 2 or above to enter the door. You can tell your clearance level by looking at the tool name of your card.


The CL1 clearance card has been removed as it serves no purpose.


The CL2 clearance level is the bare minimum for the White House, and gives you certain and very little access into the WH, such as the press room, etc.
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All clearance cards look the same and are almost replicas. The only difference is the clearance level on them, which can be identified by looking at the tool name.


The CL3 clearance is very common and given to several departments, such as the NSA, WHS, CIA, and several others. The CL3 clearance should provide users at DC with most access. This clearance level also grants access into the emergency bunker.

CL3 - Diplomatic

Any diplomats that do come accross at Washington and are requested access into the White House are given a Diplomatic Card, ranked at Clearance 3. This is so any diplomats can access any meetin rooms. This is a special card and can only be given using special admin. 
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The Diplomatic Card. Notice the special marking on the card.


The CL4 cards are uncommon, and only a select few teams have such cards, such as the Secret Service. This allows almost all access into the WH, including the Oval Office emergency room, etc.

CL5 , CL7 , CL10

These are all access cards that should provide users with a full access into the WH.

Alarm Pull Stations

An alarm pull station is where you may insert your card and the White House alarm will go off. These stations are located throughout the White House and should only be used for extreme emergencies. Such as 1 person breaching into WH is not an emergency, but more like a terrorist affiliation grouping up and invading the WH is a more sensible reason to turn on the alarm. 
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The alarm pull stations.